Indian, Snacks

Four Bean Salad

This healthy snack was something I came up with ever since I’ve been trying to eat healthier! This four bean salad was something I wanted to supplement with lunch to add more protein into my diet. The four beans I used are black beans, kidney beans, garbanzo beans, and cannellini beans. I’ve had this combination… Read More Four Bean Salad


Veggie Pad Thai

Oh Pad Thai, how you have my heart. All of it. I love how the flavors just marry with each other so well. The tangy with the spicy just makes my tastebuds dance! So I know what a lot of you are thinking, the taste. How can fish sauce and oyster sauce be used in… Read More Veggie Pad Thai


Thai Tofu Tacos

This dish. I just can’t even with the flavors. I first tasted something similar to this at a local Thai restaurant around home and literally could not stop dreaming about it, therefore I just HAD to recreate it in my own way! Before having something similar to this, I wasn’t that much of a fan… Read More Thai Tofu Tacos


Smoked Pepper Sauce

This pepper sauce is literally the most versatile thing I have made in the kitchen. I should’ve definitely tried to use it on pasta, but I have been making more Hispanic cuisines with it. I made a whole bunch for Pozole, recipe can be found here, but realized I made way too much but it’s… Read More Smoked Pepper Sauce



So, this was a dish that I had at work this past week. And I had no idea it even existed! Thanks to one of my coworker’s mothers for being so considerate to make a vegetarian version of this, inspired me to make my own twist on a Mexican classic dish, Pozole! In lameman’s terms,… Read More Pozole