Melting Snowmen Truffles

Melting Snowmen Truffles

Merry Christmas everyone! Since there was no snow on the ground last year for us, I decided to make these for our family gathering and they were a hit! These melting snowmen are so adorable and yummy that you definitely can’t stop yourself from eating more than one!

Here’s a little poem to go along with these snowmen:

This is a rhyme
For Christmas time
Since there’s no snow…
All these snowmen say hello!
(It’s lame..I know )

Merry Christmas yo!

Ingredients for Snowmen Truffles:

  • 1 pkg. (8 oz.) brick cream cheese, softened
  • 36 OREO Cookies (regular size), finely crushed
  • 16 oz. vanilla and chocolate meltable chocolate, melted (can be found at any craft store)
  • 48 Mini OREO Bite Size Cookies
  • Decorations:
    • Blue gel
    • Orange gel
    • Black gel
    • Mini Oreos

Directions for Snowmen Truffles:

  1.  Crush the Oreos first and then added the cream cheese that was brought to room temperature. I used a food processor for the Oreos and the cream cheese. Mix until well blended.
  2. Shape into 48 (1-inch) balls; place in single layer on a cookie sheet.  Freeze for at least 20 minutes.
  3. Dip balls in melted coating using a fork to coat the truffle balls. Place in shallow waxed paper-lined cookie sheet, allowing excess coating to pool at bottom of each ball. This gives it the melted snowmen look!
  4. Chill balls until coating is set in the refrigerator for at least another 20 minutes.
  5. Decorate with frosting gels as shown in photo. Every one of the snowmen turns out unique and that is what makes them so special!
  6. Use a little bit of the melted chocolate bark (Apply with a toothpick or the back of the spoon) to stick on the Mini Oreo hats.
  7. Refrigerate 1 hour or until firm.

Enjoy 🙂



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