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Paan Truffles

Yes. That is the title of this post. Paan. Truffles. PAAN TRUFFLES! Paan, for those of you unfamiliar with it, it is a green leaf (betel leaves) stuffed with some sweet goodness. I partnered up with one of my Aunties and she’s also amazing! So now let’s get back to this. Paan Truffles. How did… Read More Paan Truffles


Breakfast Pizza

Phew! What a crazy past few weeks! Bringing in September with a bang was definitely amazing! Now back to reality :). I made this recipe for a brunch party we had at work for one of our co-workers’ birthday. It was the first time I decided to make a breakfast pizza and surprisingly… of course…… Read More Breakfast Pizza



This amazing breakfast/lunch/dinner food – I can’t. It’s super healthy and what I have grown up eating all my life! It’s a South Indian staple and I promise it is a very easy and very simple recipe that is worth the 10 minute baby sitting! Upma is made from cream of wheat… to some it… Read More Upma


Homemade Tomato Sauce

Oh slow cooker.. how you have my heart so much. This tomato sauce is something that I’ve made so many times on the stove and have just cooked it low and slow (WAYYYY before I owned a slow cooker)! This amazing sauce was made with the addition of veggie protein crumbs from LightLife.   They… Read More Homemade Tomato Sauce



I’m just going to name this post Tandoori because this versatile Indian spice is so grand on anything! Here’s the Tandoori Masala I used. Feel free to use any brand you like from the Indian grocery store! I chose to make grilled tandoori vegetables with a side of Greek Yogurt Pasta as well as Tandoori… Read More Tandoori